Well, That Was Fun

We had an interesting 24 hours, to say the least.

Originally, we were going to live tweet – one every two minutes – this year’s Helicon Award winners via our Twitter account and then release the full list here on the website a few minutes later. Everything was typed in and scheduled for Thursday morning.

Then the world went and got stupid, crazy and stupid crazy on us. And I’m sure many of you reading this feel the same.

Suddenly, we could no longer access our Twitter account. We still can’t. We have no idea if the scheduled tweets are going to run tomorrow or not, or even if the account is still visible on Twitter at all. No worries, we said, we’ll just do this on our Facebook page.

What Facebook page? Yep, our Facebook page is gone, our Facebook group is gone and it looks like so is the entire account. 

So, we decided to just run with it Tuesday night on my Facebook account – before Facebook decides to delete that one too – and we got the word out to all 16 winners. Congrats to all of the 2021 honorees!

Going forward, we will continue to post here on our own blog – assuming whoever was responsible for the deletions of our other social media accounts is done messing around – and we have a group page set upon MeWe. Our Parler account is in limbo along with the rest of Parler until they get that mess straightened out. The folks over there have our sympathies after what we just went through.

In the meantime, its on to a year of new and exciting SF/F  reads, games, films and TV shows. We can’t wait until next January 14th when we kick off the festivities with this banner:



Badges? We Don’t Need No…

…on the other hand, badges aren’t so bad after all. 

If you are a recipient of a Helicon Award, either this year or over the prior two years, you should be able to shout about it. So we have created badges for the award winners to proudly display on their websites and on their book covers.

Just click on the .png image for the year you won and download it to use on your social media and book covers. You may have to resize them down to fit. If you need a smaller image just e-mail us at theheliconsociety@yahoo.com


2021 Helicon Awards



Best Sci-Fi – To Sleep In A Sea of Stars – Christopher Paolini

Best Fantasy – The Unbearable Heaviness of Remembering – L. Jagi Lamplighter

Best Military SF/F – Space Force: Building The Legacy Edited by Doug Irvin

Best Alt History – The Oppenheimer Alternative – Robert J. Sawyer

Best Media Tie-In – Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy – Timothy Zahn

Best Horror – Coven – Declan Finn

Best YA – Marymae and the Nightmare Man by A.M. Freeman

Best Anthology (Book or story) – The Three Billion Year Love (Planetary Anthology Series: Mars) by James Pyles

Best SF/F Movie – Outpost (DUST)

Best SF/F TV Series –  The Mandalorian (Disney +)

Best SF/F Comic Book or Graphic Novel –  BIGFOOT BILL 2: Finger of Poseidon by Doug TenNapel

Best SF/F Game  – Cyberpunk 2077 (CD Projekt)

Melvil Dewey Innovation Award – Russell Newquist 

Laura Ingalls Wilder Best New Author Award – Lora Beth Johnson

John W. Campbell Diversity in SF/F Award – J.K. Rowling

Frank Herbert Lifetime Achievement Award – David Weber

Our New Online Home

While we have been around for some time, we’ve never had an official online home. Until today.

Welcome to the official website of The Helicon Society. You can find out a little bit about us here, discover the winners of our first two annual awards here (our third annual awards will be announced here and on out Twitter account on January 14th) and keep checking back for more news and updates going forward.

We will begin promoting works and creators that are in line with our Society’s core beliefs in the weeks and months to come. One thing to remember, just because we are promoting a specific creator, this does not mean they are an official member of the Society. Membership is by invitation only and it is a very select group.

Our award committee for the Helicon Awards will be meeting this weekend to select the 16 winners for the 2021 Helicon Awards.

2020 Helicon Awards



Best Sci-Fi – Octavia Gone – Jack McDevitt

Best Fantasy – The Raven Tower – Ann Leckie

Best Military SF/F – Sons of the Lion – Jason Cordova

Best Alt History – Theater of Spies – S.M. Stirling

Best Media Tie-In – Master & Apprentice – Claudia Gray

Best Horror – Deus Vult – Declan Finn

Best YA – Bloodwitch – Susan Dennard

Best Anthology (Book or story) – Places Beyond the Wild –  Daniel Humphreys

Best SF/F Movie – Avengers: Endgame (Marvel)

Best SF/F TV Series – The Mandalorian (Disney)

Best SF/F Comic Book or Graphic Novel – Everglade Angels – Blake Northcutt

Best SF/F Game  – The Outer Worlds (Obsidian Entertainment)

Melvil Dewey Innovation Award – Dan Simmons

Laura Ingalls Wilder Best New Author Award – B. Michael Stevens

John W. Campbell Diversity in SF/F Award – Larry Correia

Frank Herbert Lifetime Achievement Award – Anne McCaffrey

2019 Helicon Awards



Best Science Fiction Novel: Causes of Separation  – Travis Corcoran.

Best Fantasy Novel: OathBringer – Brandon Sanderson

Best Military SFF Novel: A Place For War – Daniel Humphreys

Best Alternate History Novel: The Dream of the Iron Dragon – Robert Kroese

Best Media Tie-In Novel: Thrawn: Alliances – Timothy Zahn

Best Horror Novel: Hell Spawn – Declan Finn

Best Anthology (SF/F/H): Secret Stairs: Tribute To Urban Legend (Silver Empire)

Melvil Dewey Innovation Award: Ethan Van Sciver

Laura Ingalls Wilder New Author Award: Hawkings Austin

Frank Herbert  Lifetime Achievement Award: Jack McDevitt